By Women, For Women

January 19, 2021

By Women, For Women

Now that we are almost 3 weeks into 2021 and nearing the end of January, we at Spring have had time to reflect. We’ve reflected on our past year as a company, on our products, but most importantly, on our mission and vision. 

We created Spring with one major stipulation - $1 of every scrunchie sold is donated, no questions asked. We committed to this and promised ourselves to take it forward as we grew. Central to this mission is our motto, “for goodness’ sake,” which reflects the idea that our company is bigger than our product. Spring is not just about making high quality hair ties, it’s about doing good in the world around us. 

Reflecting on this mission since the New Year, we have realized that Spring is not just about doing good, but doing good for women. While we have a variety of charitable partners, we realized that all of them relate to impacting the lives of women or girls. That idea is also central to our product, which was originally created with women and girls in mind. While this commitment to impacting the lives of women and girls through our mission as well as our products was not originally central to our company vision, it has certainly become that way. We are excited to move forward as a company created by women, for women, and committed to doing good for the lives of women and girls. 

This more defined vision will extend to a few areas, including our product, our charitable mission, and our communication. 

Our Product

Spring scrunchies are a simple solution to a common issue women face everyday, aiming to free up women to more easily move throughout life doing the things they do best, whatever that may be. That is to say, our products are for every woman. With that in mind, we will aim to feature real women as they were meant to be featured, on our social media, advertising, website, and product photos. We want to show you, going about your busy, creative, hectic, difficult, happy, wonderful lives. No gimmicks, no photoshop, no runways. 

Our Mission

While our charitable partners have always been related to impacting the lives of women and girls, we aim to focus on the areas where we can make the most impact. That means working to identify key issues that women face each day and find charitable causes that address those issues in inspiring ways. We look forward to finding charitable causes that impact women and working with them in the future. 

Our Communication

We are excited to announce a rebranding of our blog. The Spring Board blog will now reflect the idea of “by women, for women.” Featuring female authors and Q&As with real women on their unique experiences, it will aim to address issues that women face in 2021 and beyond. Stories communicated by women, for women. 

We are excited for this new chapter, and look forward to seeing how we can make a bigger impact. If you have a suggestion for a charitable cause we should look into, or would like to contribute a story to our blog, reach out to us on our contact page! In 2021, cheers to women.