The Realities of Starting a Company

September 17, 2019

The Realities of Starting a Company

Starting your own company is exciting, stressful, rewarding, deflating, and challenging. Often times all in the same day. Now consider the 9-5 job that also has its own set of emotional rollercoaster rides and you have a window into my 2019. You’re probably thinking… this woman must be a walking zombie. Well yes, I am. But, this past year, 2019, has been the best one yet. 

My Story

My name is Sarah Urdahl Stevens and I’m the CEO and Founder of SPRING. Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to scale our production by partnering with a manufacturer, here in the USA, to create our signature scrunchies. Scaling SPRING has uncovered more insights about our company values and my leadership style than any other business activity. I’ll be adding to this blog regularly to share what I’ve learned over the past year in the hopes that A) Sharing SPRING’s story helps you on your startup journey B) Our storied path will showcase why SPRING is a company worth believing in and supporting. 

Launching SPRING

Today, SPRING is officially live for online orders. I’m extremely excited to share our newly manufactured line, The Basics. Each scrunchie is built to last and designed to showcase the high quality that only a handmade product can offer. The zig zag stitching on each scrunchie is an intricate homage to the scrunchies I first designed with my grandmother. Her stitching was always so perfectly aligned. I knew I wanted a special showcase of handmade perfection on every scrunchie. Enter, the zig zag finishing touch. 

Philanthropic Partners

Not only are SPRING scrunchies ready to battle your hair on a daily basis, a dollar of every scrunchie purchase also goes to a partner of your choice that is fighting to do good. For this Fall’s production line, SPRING has selected five amazing partners that you can choose to support with your purchase. 

Please see our “Our Partners” page to get acquainted with this Fall’s SPRING team of partners. I will say that I could not be happier that the common thread that connects each of our partner’s goals this round is female empowerment. I’d say that is a cause worth fighting for. Let your SPRING scrunchie remind you of how you helped one of our partner causes, for goodness’ sake.

Alright, let the shopping begin!