Winter Hair Care: How to Treat Your Hair Like the Queen She Is

November 09, 2020

Winter Hair Care: How to Treat Your Hair Like the Queen She Is

The excitement of the Holiday Season usually means it’s getting colder outside and the air is turning dry. While much of winter self-care is centered around keeping our skin healthy, our hair gets little attention. Hair suffers in the cold, and it’s time we all give it a little extra TLC. We’re bringing you some practical advice from the hair care pros so you can keep your tresses happy and healthy. 

1. Humidity is your friend

Humidity gets a notoriously bad reputation when it comes to hair, getting blamed for everything from extra frizz to flat locks. But humidity is actually very important for the health of your hair. Dry hair will break more easily and won’t hold up to heat or styling nearly as well. Taking just 20 minutes per week to deep condition and treat your hair for moisture can make all the difference. The Mayo Clinic recommends that adding a humidifier to your home can have tremendous benefits on your hair during dry winter months – not to mention the other numerous health benefits.

2. Dry your hair before braving the winter cold

While drying your hair can add time to your routine, it is a small price to pay for protection from the cold air. Going outside with wet hair means that your strands will freeze easily and be more prone to serious breakage. One expert, Jehnna Mahoney, explained in this HuffPost article, “when the hair is wet and you go outside in freezing temperatures, the water crystallizes and expands, physically breaking the hair.” Not to mention wet hair in cold weather makes you a prime candidate for that pesky winter cold. Take the time to dry your hair - you’ll thank us later. 

3. Skip the shampoo

Overwashing your hair leaves your strands dry and brittle and can cause your scalp to overcompensate and produce far too much oil (which nobody needs). While everyone’s hair is different, most stylists agree that shampooing every two to three days is best. There are a number of factors that can determine how often you should wash your hair, which you can check out in this helpful article from Healthline.

4. Don’t forget your scalp

The contrast of warm, heated indoors and the dry, freezing outdoors during the winter months can leave your skin dry and often itchy. Your scalp is no exception, and many people struggle with dandruff and an itchy scalp when it gets cold. Make sure the only snow you have on your shoulders this winter is the snow falling from the sky by keeping your scalp moisturized and exfoliated. You can moisturize with a hair oil like Argan oil, or consider a shampoo infused with moisturizing tea tree oil. Experts at the Mayo Clinic also recommend switching up your treatment so that your scalp doesn’t become immune.

5. Splurge on hair accessories

Most of us tie our hair back or throw in a top knot at some point during our day to simply get our tresses out of our face or ease the bustle of a busy day. But what you are using to tie up your hair can make or (literally) break your hair. Generic drug store ‘hair ties’ are usually the culprit for those pesky ‘baby hairs’ we all have near our hairline. We tie our hair up tight, and the texture of the hair tie or the glue used to hold it together pulls and rips our hair. And it only gets worse in the winter when our hair is extra sensitive to breakage.

We created Spring scrunchies so that athletes could tie up their hair as tight as they’d like while avoiding breakage. The soft, silky spandex fabric won’t pull at your hair and there are no glue seams to rip through your hair when you take it out. “When I was playing college lacrosse, I used to tie my thick hair back with three drug store hair ties,” says Kaki Jennison, Spring Co-Founder. “I also couldn’t go to practice without a headband to hold back my baby hairs that sprung loose from my ponytail - that’s how many there were.” Kaki says that since switching to scrunchies completely, she no longer has to wear headbands while working out because breakage near her hairline is almost non-existent. Avoid the onslaught of baby hairs and breakage this winter by switching to scrunchies with soft fabric and more surface area - we even have a velvet collection that will go with any holiday party outfit.

The winter months are the hardest on our hair and we need to be kind to it. Treat your hair like the queen she is by taking on any or all of these tips, along with many more we found here.