Hi! We're spring.

Meet the company

We are a California based company making scrunchies that are made for fitness, designed for style. Our scrunchies are made with curated materials and are engineered just right so there is no wear, no tear, and no problem - ensuring hair styles that won't fall out, even after countless uses. Born from Sarah's love of sewing and need for a hair tie that worked for athletes, Spring was officially founded by Sarah and Kaki in 2018.

Meet the Team

A rocket scientist and an artist combine fashion and function to make superior scrunchies.

Sarah urdahl

Born and bred in Houston. Educated in Durham. Thriving in Los Angeles.

While learning to sew from her grandmother, Sarah began making scrunchies. She soon realized that these handmade scrunchies could hold her long, thick hair up tight, even while playing competitive sports. While studying Engineering at Duke and later Georgia Tech, she played with various designs to make her scrunchies the best. Now, she wears her scrunchies everyday with no wear, no tear, and no problem.

Kaki Jennison

Born and bred in Richmond. Educated in Durham. Thriving in Boston.

Kaki discovered her love for all things creative early on. After studying at Duke with Sarah and later going to business school, she was able to explore her creative side before being asked by Sarah to join Spring. At Spring, Kaki brings creativity and business together to build a brand that she and Sarah both believe in.