Spring Partnerships

For Goodness' Sake

Our tagline, "for goodness' sake," refers to our commitment to doing good in the world. We promise to donate $1 of every scrunchie sold to a cause, and we have selected a few small, but important causes that we believe in. We choose causes based on their mission, needs, and alignment with our values. Our causes cover a range of important issues including mental health awareness, female empowerment, community growth, and more. We're constantly looking for worthy causes, so please reach out if you have one that we should know about!

Our Partners

We've partnered with amazing causes that we believe in, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Kiarra Goldberg | Project Broadway

Kiarra is a passionate actor, director, and all-round artist who gives back to her field through the great organization of PROJECT BROADWAY. A 501c3 nonprofit, PROJECT BROADWAY is dedicated to fostering participation in enriching theater arts educational experiences for students who may not otherwise have access to an education in the arts. Project Broadway offers scholarships for children to participate in intensive theater training programs and enriching workshops focusing on self-confidence and exploration of the theater arts. These unique experiences help nurture the development of important life skills, encourage self-expression, and motivate authentic development for students of all ages. We are excited to be partnering with Kiarra and this awesome organization!


Healing Pines Respite

Healing Pines Respite is a nonprofit that provides events for women with cancer throughout North Carolina. The respite events are gifted to women currently in cancer treatment and up to two years post-treatment with the intention of healing mind, body, and spirit.  Cancer treatments are depleting, exhausting, and life-changing. Healing Pines allows women time and space to heal through rest, connection, self-care, and nature. Their respites provide a time for women with cancer to focus on their healing, a chance to care for themselves instead of others.  It is their mission to spread the message that women need this. When women are well, communities thrive. We are so glad to partner with Healng Pines!

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Mackenzie Drazan | TEAM.

Mackenzie Drazan is the Founder & Chairman of TEAM, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching everyone about mental health and supporting friends and families of those affected. TEAM's website offers an online space where these friends and family members can find support and resources about helping their loved one through mental illness. Mackenzie explains, "one in five Americans are going to experience mental illness at some point in their lives. People want to talk about it, it’s just they don’t know how to.” She started TEAM in 2014 after she lost her sister to mental illness, and realized there was an urgent need for such a tool. Mackenzie is taking her personal experience and making it into something that is changing the way people think about and approach mental health. We can't wait to see how TEAM grows and changes the world. 

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Christie Jennison | Run a Kid to Camp

Christie is a director at one of the nation's largest all girls summer camps: YMCA Camp Seafarer. Her blood runs deep with this special place, as she has been part of its community since she was 8 years old. As Christie says, "every summer, Camp Seafarer empowers thousands of campers to be confident, celebrated, integral parts of the world around them. But, unfortunately, not every girl gets the chance to go." Well, that's where Run a Kid to Camp (RAKTC) comes in. This program began 20 years ago when the leadership staff had an idea to run a marathon in order to raise funds for summer camp scholarships, or "camperships". Since then, this program has grown in leaps and bounds, and in 2019, helped send 11 girls to camp that couldn't otherwise afford to go. We can't wait to see Christie run this year's marathon, and help send a lucky girl to have the summer of a lifetime at Camp Seafarer.

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Interested in Becoming a Spring Partner?

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