LA Winter


Our black scrunchie with gold foil palm trees is an accessory that transitions from winter to summer with ease, and is perfect for our LA hometown vibes.

The Spring scrunchie was designed by a rocket scientist (no, seriously), but that’s not even the most impressive thing about it. These features all come together to form one stylish, functional hair accessory to rule them all.

  • Wider elastic secured with a butterfly stitch allows for more twists and tighter ponytails but springs back into place seamlessly after each use.
  • Soft, nylon and spandex fabric is easy on your hair and allows for extra stretch.
  • Zig zag stitching on one edge adds a unique, handmade detail, but functions to secure the pieces and create a strong scrunchie. 
Spring scrunchies are made in the USA.

Collections: Patterns

Type: Scrunchie Hair Accessory

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