Velvets Surprise 3 Pack


Our velvet 3 pack offers great elegant accessories to round out your winter wardrobe. You'll receive 3 different colors from our Velvets collection. 

The Spring scrunchie was designed by a rocket scientist (no, seriously), but that’s not even the most impressive thing about it. These features all come together to form one stylish, functional hair accessory to rule them all.

  • Wider elastic secured with a butterfly stitch allows for more twists and tighter ponytails but springs back into place seamlessly after each use.
  • Soft, velvet and spandex fabric is easy on your hair and allows for extra stretch.
  • Zig zag stitching on one edge adds a unique, handmade detail, but functions to secure the pieces and create a strong scrunchie. 

Spring scrunchies are made in the USA, by women, for women.

Collections: Variety Packs, Velvets

Type: Scrunchie Hair Accessory

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